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Special Education Characteristics, Accommodations and Strategies

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Other Health Impaired

"Students are classified as having other helth impairments when they have limited strength, vitality, or alertness due to chronic or acute health problems.  Examples of such problems include asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, hemophilia, and leukemia.  ADD or ADHD may be included in this category." (Final Regulations, IDEA, 1999).

  1. Child may miss school frequently for Dr. appointments or illnesses
  2. May have physical restrictions
  3. Innattentiveness due to health impairment and/or medications
  4. Other medication side effects, such as, increased thirst
  5. Academic lags


  1. Flexible time limits
  2. Freedom to use bathroom or drinking fountain as needed
  3. Frequent breaks
  4. Reduced assignments
  5. Alternative assignments when absent frequently
  6. Alternative grading scale
  7. Allow child to escape assignment if necessary
  8. Safe Place
  9. Include School Nurse and Social Worker in IEP process
  10. Decrease distractions
  11. Flexible seating


  1. Build a caring, nurturing classroom environment
  2. Teach students about the health impairment
  3. Use of visuals
  4. Hands-on learning
  5. Cooperative learning
  6. Partner work
  7. Give short, concise directions
  8. Teach lessons that allow for movement around room
  9. Allow for frequent, positive feedback
  10. Help the child build on his strengths and be successful
  11. Give ADHD student frequent breaks or allow to go on errands


This site was created by Ann Kuehnel who is
a classroom teaching in the
Springfield School District,
Springfield, Illinois.